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This video is for Big 4 consulting but I think can also apply to audit! And probably MBB consulting as well… No job is ever as glam as they advertise, and in this video I’m going to debunk a lot of the hooks that people use, and the expectations we have going into the field of consulting. This video isn’t mean to discourage anyone but instead to give an honest look into the real lives of consultants. Thanks for watching!!

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*News* I am so excited to announce that I am now offering personalized, one-on-one career consulting and coaching for you guys! I’ve been getting lots of emails and DMs from you guys asking for me to review your CVs and offer advice for your unique situations. While I would love to help everyone, in order for me to give you my best possible services and for you to fully commit I am charging $25USD per hour. This will also include any research and review that I do on my own prior to our call.
Transparent Pricing is important to me. The money that I receive will be reinvested into my YouTube channel and will also go towards paying down my student debt. $25 is a very low price, and as I grow my services and experience this price will go up (update May 27 2020: As I have now worked with many students over the past few weeks, the price is now $35USD)
Why can’t I do this for free? When you pay money for a service, you take it more seriously. You commit to it. When it comes to building a career commitment is so important and I want to work with committed individuals. The price also helps me commit. It will ensure that even when I’m tired, or having a bad day I give you my all and a service you deserve.
I look forward to working with you! Send me an email to get started zoelovex3@gmail.com

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I’m a 23 year old from Canada, living in Montreal. I just graduated college after studying abroad in Australia. I currently work in management consulting and will make videos about career, workplace fashion and work week in my lifes. Also, I love clothes, skincare, food, and spinning & plan on making videos about all of the above 🙂

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