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Business Consulting Interview with Steve Potts, who provides much value, including to FORGET REVENUE and FOCUS on potential.

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1:45 – I was involved in running my company – Steve tells us what he was doing before he became a business consultant, including his experience working as a policeman in the criminal investigation branch
4:15 – What attract Steve to business consulting?
5:40 – I realised that it was a head down back side up; I very quickly had confirmed to myself that I had to get out and get in front of as many potential clients as I could – Steve talks about his first 6 months as a business consultant
6:00 – I remember putting my first business plan together after going through a number of meetings and following the Consultx program, thinking god if it takes me this long to do this what’s going to be like once I get 7 or 8 clients?!; now takes me probably 20% of the time that used to put things together – Steve tells us how he got used to the whole process and how much his work got efficient
7:40 – I got my first client through telemarketing; I then actually got another one through unusual way which was direct enquiry to the business; I got the rest through the referrals, or just talking to people – Steve tells us how he got his clients at the beginning and later
9:10 – when you walk through the door based on referrals or talking to people, you have a very warm appointment right from the first minute; there is trust fact comes in straight away; that breaks down a lot of barriers fairly quickly – Steve talks about advantages on getting clients through referrals
10:05 – The program gave me a parkway to follow from start to finish, which, when you first put the feet on the ground, is pretty assuring that you know there’s something backing you up – Steve describes the benefits that he gains from Business Success Programme
12:36 – Structure of all businesses are exactly the same, what they do is a bit different – Steve tells us about his diverse clients’ businesses
14:35 – Businesses that have probably not formed as well as I would have wished, I would say that common denominator would be that they haven’t helped themselves as accountable as they should have and ensuring to get all the identified business improvements or what we call tasks done in a timely manner – Steve analyses his experiences.
17:05 – Steve gives us some examples of how he helped clients to build better businesses
21:55 – My average is around about 3 years and my longest time of the client is 4 years, and we celebrated that last month – Steve talks about average lifetime of his clients
23:35 – I’ve got a small holiday home out of town on the bed of lake and I sometimes go there Thursday afternoon; 9 o’clock of Friday morning I’m sitting at my dining table with the view overlooking the lake and doing my work sitting there – Steve talks about his lifestyle
29:40 – Steve is not usually getting inspiration from books, but he recommends two books that helped him to become a better consultant
• Author of the book “The Revenue Growth Habit: The Simple Art of Growing Your Business by 15% in 15 Minutes Per Day” that Steve recommended – Alex Goldfayn

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