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Promoting Jafra Cosmetics – How To Promote Jafra Products Online – How to become a Jafra Consultant Top Earner

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In this jafra training video you will learn tips and strategies for growing your jafra business opportunity successfully online without having to chase friends and family to buy your products. The traditional ways of growing your jafra skin care opportunity lack leverage in today’s digital economy. Time has become our most prized scarce resource as a jafra consultant as there are so many demands on our time. For this reason, many ways of building your business such as hosting a jafra party at home multiple times per week is not feasible for a busy mom with 3 children. If you want to earn the greatest income possible with the jafra compensation plan you need to leverage systems and incorporate digital marketing strategies into your jafra marketing plan.

When getting started with the jafra freedom to be you opportunity, there are three jafra starter kit options to choose from. 1) The first option on the low end is the starter business kit for $49. With a retail value of $298, the starter business kit is perfect for those consultants starting their business on a low budget. 2) The middle of the range option is the starter kit jafra professional business kit for only $99. With a retail value of $522, this kit includes everything you need to fast start how to be successful in jafra compensation plan building strategies. 3) If you want to hit the ground running with plenty of jafra products to sell you can purchase the jafra royal business kit for $129. The royal business kit has a $576 value. This following jafra business tools are included in the royal business kit: black signature beauty tote, training material on usb, training materials, jafra usa 2017 catalog, seasonal brochures, hostess brochure, 50 business cards, 10 customer order forms.

With over 500,000 jafra consultants in 18 countries, becoming a jafra vip leader has been proven possible countless times. 58 years in business, the company has empowered thousands of women realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Many will question jafra vs nu skin and which is better but for me there is no contest. You can earn up to 50% commissions with the jafra compensation plan. You choose how to build your own business. Share catalogs and brochures, host a jafra party online, a facebook party, a home party etc. You can reach more clients with a jafra beauty party online by leveraging jafra social media marketing strategies which we teach inside our community. Your consistency will reward you generously with the rewards and jafra cosmetics loyalty club. You receive powerful ongoing training as a jafra independent consultant to help you become a leader and provide expert customer service and team leadership training to your tribe.

In order succeed with jafra cosmetics as a business owner, you must constantly invest in yourself and your personal development. Your income can only grow to the extent that you grow. The more valuable you become, the sharper your sales skills are, the more you can lead your team to success, the more you will be rewarded for sharing jafra products.

Wishing you great success with your jafra international business. If you are ready to grow your jafra cosmetics usa business to new heights and start seeing duplication in your organization then be sure to register for a free spot inside our jafra consultant recruiting and prospecting training course here:

Marketing Jafra Cosmetics – How To Market Jafra Products Online – Jafra Consultant Training

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