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Do you want to know the differences of MBB vs. Big 4 consulting firms? This video is a comparison of management consulting firms. As a former McKinsey consultant myself, I talk to Kajol Patel, a Big 4 consultant from the YouTube channel @management.consultant. We discuss differences and similarities among management consulting firms. MBB stands for McKinsey, BCG and Bain, the top strategy consulting firms. Big 4 stands for PwC, KPMG, EY and Deloitte, the leading auditors with significant consulting practices. We talk about how the up or out policy works at MBB vs. Big 4, the importance of target unis to get into consulting, differences in the project setup and much more. This video is a comparison of the Big 3 with the Big 4 consulting firms. It compares the Top 3 consulting firms with Big 4 audit firms.

Second video on “MBB vs. Big 4” on Kajol’s channel:

Kajol’s channel: Management.Consultant

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Who is Kajol Patel?
01:49 Key facts on Big 4 and MBB
03:51 How important are target unis?
06:03 Does up-or-out really exist?
08:19 How does the project setup differ?
11:24 Wrap-up

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